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💰 How to negotiate your salary

Negotiation. It's like that thing that everyone seems to do but no one told you how. We can help break it down for you.

Negotiation is not about being greedy. It's about getting what you earn for the value you bring to the company. Companies also spent a lot of money trying to hire you. They want you there too!

Quick tips

  • Be objective - focus on the specific value you bring and average pay for your level and location. Check multiple sources such as Blind, Angelist, and even third-party recruiters. The best way to get more is to have competing offers.

  • Negotiate beyond your salary - equity, 401k match, bonuses (sign-on & annual), perks, your job level, and more. Try to focus on base salary first as that one brings more returns long term. Bonuses also get taxed heavily.

  • NEVER share your current salary, it could be used to low-ball you. It's also illegal in many US states. Delay that conversation until you are sure you want the job. If the recruiter asks you, ask for the salary range for the job:

    • "What level is the job offer? What salary band is this level?"

    • "How much is the equity worth currently? What is the vesting schedule?"

Additional resources & works cited:

🔗Open repository of design salaries

📕 Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

📰 Salary negotiation guide by Candor

More resources in #faq-new-to-design channel!

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