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Featuring Drawtober - a friendly autumn-themed art contest!

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Also, check out our recently-launched community trailer by Orbit and voiced by Grace!


Happy Drawtober! Drawtober is a fun, 4-week-long art challenge with the Design Buddies community and the Discord Design Team. Each week will be its own mini-contest with a theme. It will all be hosted in the Design Buddies Discord. All art mediums are welcome and we're excited to see your artwork!

Join us at our kick-off event on Fri Oct 1, 6 pm UTC-7 (PST) to learn more!


Also, join us at our other Drawtober events:

✒️ Discord Art Team AMA on Fri Oct 15, 5 pm UTC-7 (PST) (RSVP)

✒️ Show and tell on Fri Nov 5, 5 pm UTC-7 (PST) (RSVP)


Learn about product design job search hacks (Sat Oct 9th, 10 am UTC-7 (PST)) with Marisa from Tik Tok. Marisa will walk you through unconventional and creative ways to land a product design job!


Learn about designing at early stage startups (Thu Oct 14th, 5 pm UTC-7 (PST)) with Hanna, Brian, and Minjun where they will be sharing their experiences, lessons learned, actionable tips, and more, hosted by Grace!


Event reminder

What I would tell my younger designer self (Thu Sep 30, 5 pm UTC-7 (PST)) featuring Minjun, Phil, Jenny, and Zack, and hosted by Grace. (RSVP)

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Level up your case study decks (for design portfolio review interviews) in this handy deck by Nabil and Mintyy. Ex-Amazon UX Designer, Minjun Chen joined us to share a talk on 'How to design a stellar portfolio presentation. Watch her presentation!

Event recordings

🎞 LGBTQIA+ and Allyship Panel featuring Zack, Alister, and Linda (watch)

🎞 Product Splash workshops & panels (playlist)

🎞 How to successfully defend design decisions (watch)

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Hot portfolio tips

🔥 Always start with the hero—the prototype or finished product—in your case studies

🔥 Don't just add a "double diamond" graphic— instead, show your process by demonstrating it throughout your case study

🔥 Make your case studies digestible—only include what is necessary to tell your story

Watch Portfolio reviews #4 to learn more!


Resources shared on Discord

⭐️ Large product design tools & resources database

⭐️ Dribbble - Design portfolio webinar takeaways

⭐️ UX Tools - Quick UX research synthesis video

Fluffle fan art

Thank you Hannah, Phil, and Gazal for your wonderful drawings of our friendly bunny mascot, Fluffle!

Community spotlight

Meet Tarrea in this carousel created by Joyce from our content team!

Success story

Congrats, Joseph! 👏


Recent design roles we found in our community's jobs channel. Hop into our Discord for more!

💼 Product Design at Together Labs/IMVU (post)

💼 Product Design at Stripe docs (tweet)

💼 Brand Design at Transform (application)

💼 Technical UI Design at Destiny (tweet)

💼 UX Designer at Candy Crush (post)

For our Canadian Buddies looking for internships, check out Nadia and Pat's Design Internships Canada database!

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